Learn How To Write Your Own Business Plan

Working Hard Not Getting Where You Want To Go?

If you are the owner of a relatively new or emerging small business, and you are frustrated because you are working hard every day but not getting any closer to your goals; if you are trying one new idea after another but not getting any coordinated result; then you need to read this eBook. Once you discover how easy it is to write your own business plan, you will find a clear strategic direction and establish organised priorities instead of the day to day chaos of conflicting urgency.


From Frustration To Organisation

This Checklist is provided within an eBook that explains why an implementable business plan creates order from chaos by focusing everything on where you want to go. A focused business plan will provide you with a clear set of goals, objectives, and step by step actions necessary to implement your business ideas. A business plan will become implementable if it cascades from a clear description of your vision, and includes accountability systems to keep you on track.

Why You Can Do It For Yourself

This Checklist & eBook explains why you can do it for yourself without hiring any expensive consultants. You just bring your own knowledge of your business and starting from scratch, follow the proven step by step formula described in the eBook. The Checklist that is included in the eBook, outlines everything you need to do within each step. The eBook also identifies potential obstacles ahead of you and tells you how to avoid them.

BONUS: Free Video Training Series

The Business Planning eBook & Checklist is filled with valuable information and the questions you need to ask in each step of your planning process. But as if that wasn't enough, I will also send to you - absolutely free - a detailed 4-part video training series that will step you through the Why's, What's and How's of Business Planning; help you to focus by Setting Your Strategic Direction; analyse your current situation so that you can Bridge The Gap; and collating and Putting It All Together into a cohesive, implementable plan.

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